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  1. Rodolfo says:

    hey Tim,

    I have to say i’m disappointed with amazon’s android app store, since i live in honduras, there is some bs restriction that doesn’t allow me to download the app on my android, even though it’s free. i even emailed there support team and their reply was a very long and diplomatic “i’m sorry, but no can do, hope you don’t mind” type of composition… anyways, i got the premium subscrption and will buy 3 $400+ cell phones using the click thru link! all the best!


  2. Tim Sr says:

    How’s it going ?

  3. Liam brennan says:

    ey, i just went premium and im kinda bummed as i have been downloading through itunes on my phone and listening through there and i thought going premium would allow me to listen through itunes…. is there a way to listen to premium episodes through itunes? love the show hope to see you guys in SD in oct for the superfights. also how do i buy a inside bjj shirt? or donate??