#174 – Lloyd Irvin

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Join Inside BJJ as they talk about the recent free month of premium shows on the Inside BJJ network, Matt’s recent Big MF Experiment, and set the stage for the Lloyd Irvin interview.

Lloyd Irvin joins the program to talk about the Nick Schultz & Matt Maldonado case, the 1989 court case, Jordan Schultz, Mike Folwer, Ryan Hall, the medal chasers program, and much much more.




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8 Responses to “#174 – Lloyd Irvin”

  1. choke says:

    Lloyd Irvin was part of a group of “men” who DID attack a woman years ago. That is a fact. However it is also a fact that he did not get a guilty verdict in that crime. There is always more. LI was present at the rape, and by his own admission, he did try, but he wasn’t into it and could not complete the act. He was there. He was hanging with a group of thugs that did commit the act of rape. His individual character was, and is such that he is okay with hanging out with a predatory group of males. Those males made the choice to abduct and rape a woman. He was a willing participant. That is all anyone really needs to know about LI. He is a scumbag and a predator. It just happens that he’s also exceptional at BJJ. What a waste. And it is the people who give him a pass for being the type of man to not only hang out with people that have poor enough character to even consider the act of rape, but go ahead and do it that are as equally as bad. Another example of an athlete/celeb type that gets a pass by certain personality types that need someone to worship.

    And calling him a “marketing genius”? Seriously? I know a little bit about marketing, having taken not one, but two technical (software and cloud computing) company’s from idea inception, development, testing, raising capital, marketing, and then sale of intellectual property and books of business. I am now a senior advisor for a Fortune 10 IT company. I’m in a great position to say that LI knows low level spam marketing that appeals to easily led people. He knows how to spam, and nothing more. Period. Full stop. His “skills” as a “marketer” are laughable.

    To think that some guys from his brood, where he is also well known for being a mysoginist, is not surprising. It is well known that LI will not hold back from hitting on any woman, even when he knows full well that the woman is not on the market. He’s a pig. And some of guys emulated him.

    It’s a damn shame that he’s a predator, because he is very talented. But his character as a human being is at the lowest of levels. He does not deserve a pass, or forgiveness, he was part of a gang of rapists. That, in and of itself, makes him scum.

  2. Grafton Skaggs says:

    This whole thing does seem like a well-coordinated internet marketing scheme. I don’t see how digging up some scenario from 20 years ago can fairly be used against the guy when he was found innocent and nobody involved has come forward to contradict his claims. And somebody has been spending their time and ad money to insure that this story is blanketed across the internet.

    As far as the other issue, as I understand it a few of his students who he was housing for free because of their fighting potential ended up being the worst of society. If you take the toughest kids you can find in the country and put them in a house together where their only responsibility is to learn competitive fighting skills then I think you create an environment that can attract some criminal thugs. I’m not sure Lloyd can be held accountable though because they are consenting adults who came to him so that they could make a name for themselves. We can’t start saying that instructors should somehow be liable for the character of their students if their students are really aspiring semi-professional athletes and the instructor is really trying to make money marketing them. It may not be the way a lot of schools operate but everyone is free to train wherever and however they please.

    Lloyd created a business out of creating martial arts millionaires using known internet marketing techniques so if some of his former students are now using these same internet marketing techniques to try and destroy the guy then I guess they learned from the best. None of this really has anything to do with actually getting better at Jiu-Jitsu and I hope we stop seeing it published as jiu-jitsu related. The only thing that matters on the mat is skill gained through training.

    • mamboliciousman says:

      Skaggs, you are the reason why people like Lloyd Irving get a bad rap. Here you are, defending his marketing and his past history, and with the same stroke of the pen, accuse the folks involved “In the other issue”, of being the worst of society and criminal thugs. What do you know about the trial? What do you know about the character of Nicholas or Mateo? How do you know that master Lloyd didn’t screen these guys and just took them off the street? How do you know if Nicholas or Mateo weren’t aspiring athletes?

      I did my homework and Mateo was the world champion in 2012 prior to joining team Lloyd Irving.

      I am with you, and Instructors shouldn’t be liable for the characters of his students. But, before you put your foot in your mouth, do your homework. Stop talking shit about the characters of men you don’t even know or the “the other issue” that you obviously don’t know anything about. Both men were innocent of all 11 Felonies and 11 misdemeanors. That’s 22 criminal counts, for whoever is counting, that came back “not guilty”!

      I commend you for defending Lloyd Irving and his marketing genius. However, get your facts right before you start talking garbage about something you know absolutely nothing about.

  3. mamboliciousman says:

    lloyd rpck, Aaeon Ross is a liar with regard to the new years event. Luke Thomas suck for publishing a lie. Georgette is a miserale ass who is no longer a prosecutor! enough said

  4. Jose says:

    Glad to hear his perspective on this, I knew there was a lot more to the story.

  5. Dan says:

    You gave a rapist an outlet to share his illogical excuses and lies. Despite the colossal amounts of evidence, statements and people against him. Not a single argument he makes stands up to logic or reason.

    Way to go.

    • mamboliciousman says:

      Dan, where’s all this evidence that you write of? It’s a colossal. Right? Wher the fuck is it? Where are the statements? Who are the people? You must be part of the Devils triangle. SB Nation, Bloody Elbow, and The Redhead Witch. Or are you part of the Aaron Ross School of “I Can’t see straight”? You are pathetic!

    • Rob says:

      You know what’s great about America? Freedom of Speech. You know what’s not great about America? Freedom of Speech. With absolutely no proof, social media turds, like yourself, condemn people on pure allegation. Not proof. We can stand there and call a person a murderer all day long, but that don’t make him a killer. Convict with absolute proof, not allegation.

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