#164 – Denny Prokopos, Eddie Cummings, and Eddie Kone

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Join your favorite crew from the 209 for real talk. The guys are back at it again talking about Silva vs. Diaz, recapping the Kountermove Fantasy MMA game, listener email, top 10 signs you’re in a bad Jiu-Jitsu school, top signs you’re in a cult, and much more.

Denny Prokops and Eddie Cummings join the show to talk about their upcoming match at Gracie Nationals on February 7th & 8th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The guys take listener phone calls and bust chops.

Eddie Kone joins the show to catch up the listeners with the UK fight scene, Polaris rumors, much more.




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One Response to “#164 – Denny Prokopos, Eddie Cummings, and Eddie Kone”

  1. Tom D'arce says:

    1)- The Conor McGregor schtick has got to be more regular.. I had to walk away from my desk listening to it from laughing to much..
    2) more “put you in a box” please.
    3) the “prison rules” to 50/50 analogy was amazing.

    made my monday

    Tom D’arce

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