#160 – Ken Shamrock & Garry Tonon (not)

Show Summary

The guys are back together talking about training soreness, academy visitors, forgotten belt gauntlets, and snow park rangers. The guys talk about Jon Jones cocaine issue, Brendan Schuab calling out Brock Lesnar, and War Machine finding Jesus.

Later the guys try to contact Garry Tonon but can’t get through to him. Matt then surprises Tim with a call from Inside BJJ’s most famous fan and the call goes sideways.

Ken Shamrock joins the program to talk about his upcoming PPV bare knuckle fight in the U.K. this April against the legendary, “King of the Travellers”, James Quinn Mcdonagh. Ken talks about his career, the upcoming Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva, Brendan Schuab calling out Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Jon Jones and much more.

Finally, the guys make announce a new KounterMove MMA fantasy game for Inside BJJ listeners. The guys then play a collage of interviews Matt did traveling while traveling.



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