#159 – Javier Vazquez

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It’s 2015 and the guys are back better than ever. The guys start the show talking about New Year’s resolution guilt, getting old, following a thief who stole a walker, big toe injuries, and scams targeting kids at the outlet mall. The guys open up the discussion with a UFC 182 analysis and recap of the event.

Javier Vazquez joins the program to talk about his upcoming superfight against Garry Tonon as Gracie Nationals February 7-8, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention center. Javier tells the audience the Jiu-Jitsu has “gone to sleep” on him and he’s looking to surprise the Jiu-Jitsu world with a submission of the rising start Garry Tonon. The guys talk about Tonon’s victories at Metamoris 4 & 5 and what to expect from the event.

Later, Javier breaks down the UFC 182 Donald Cerrone and Myles Jury fight as well as the main event Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier.

The guys hit the Jiu-Jitsu “Gnus” news scene and talk about Cole Miller, CM Punk, Nate Diaz, the recent domestic abuse allegations against Nelson Monteiro, and Juliet Ferreira Silveira’s allegations that she was fired from her martial arts instructor position at Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu IV for showing obscene videos to male co-workers.



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