#142 – Duane “Bang” Ludwig

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The guys are back together again talking about the recent new shows on the Inside BJJ Network. Tim introduces a new BJJ character, “Technical Guy”. He also outlines how fat guys are just like girls in Jiu-Jitsu. The guys kick around some recent BJJ and MMA news. Tim and Matt get into an argument about guest booking and Matt walks off the show.

Later the guys talk to Duane Ludwig about T.J. Dillashaw’s upcoming fight against Renan Barao and Chad Mendes’ fight against Jose Aldo. The guys talk to Duane about the situation at Alpha Male and his relationship with Urijah Faber.



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4 Responses to “#142 – Duane “Bang” Ludwig”

  1. Von says:

    By far one of THE most entertaining episode I’ve heard so far. It was like listening to some sort of radio soap opera. If your intent was to bring that WWE storyline to InsideBJJ you definitely made it work here.

  2. TB says:

    Holy Sh@ that was possibly the funniest podcast i have ever heard. I had to take out my headphones twice because i was laughing so hard. The commercial with Ernest giving advice and “baby come back” LMFAO Great work guys! Nobody does it like INSIDEBJJ – 2 0 9!


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