#134 – Andrew Smith U.S. Grapppling

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Tim starts the show talking about the new shows coming up on the Inside BJJ Premium Network. He talks about how Inside BJJ raised the bar for jiu-jitsu podcast in 2012 when it started and how once again it’s raising the bar with the Premium Network. He also talks a bit about copy-cats and the importance of trying to be original. Later, Ernest and Tim sit down to talk with Andrew Smith about the jiu-jitsu scene in Richmond, VA, the old days of learning jiu-jitsu through magazines, VHS tapes, and seminars. Andrew talks about the role of technology like the internet, smart phones, and YouTube in the development of jiu-jitsu. He also talks about how U.S. Grappling functions and uses technology on a regular basis to improve the competitor experience.

Join us for an enlightening talk with Andrew Smith.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith



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