#129 – Ken Shamrock, JayT Warsh, Derek Okahashi

Show Summary

The guys start off with the usual banter.

Next the guys call Derek Okahashi from 31Fifty to talk about building a Jiu-Jitsu brand, copycats, and Jeremy Montes Jr.

Next on tap, the guys talk to Nightclub sensation, social media manager, and VIP athlete services expert, JayT Warsh. The guys talk with JayT about Tito Ortiz’s recent MMA victory over Alexander Shlemenko at Bellator 120, Ken Shamrock’s beef with Dana White, Christine Cyborg’s anticipated matchup against Ronda Rousey and much more.

Later, the guys talk with the World’s Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock, about his feud with Tito Ortiz, Dana White, and brother Frank Shamrock. Ken talks about his time in the WWE, training with Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer, and the legendary Lion’s Den tryouts. Don’t miss this chance to hear from a legend in Mixed Martial Arts.




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