Kurt Osiander Finisher Series Experience


Photo by Aja Monet McCoy


Kurt Osiander does not follow convention. He has an affinity for death metal, swords, tattoos, and smashing opponents on the tatami. His nickname is the Rhino because he had horns. No seriously – real horns. When it was announced that Kurt was throwing the Kurt Osiander Finisher tournament, I expected nothing less than the unconventional. And Kurt delivered.

The tournament was held at St. Anne of the Sunset church in San Francisco, CA. A Jiu-Jitsu tournament in a church? Yes, you can get your mat roll and holy roll in the same location. The venue was a long narrow hall that is normally used for holding church services. The pews were removed and mats were laid down in one long row six deep. Scorer’s tables, coaches, and competitors occupied the right and spectators, acai, and poke bowls on the left. At the south end of the hall sat a small competitor warmup area with a few tables for vendors. At the opposite end was a main stage with the bracket maker’s table, announcer, and an additional table with the Inside BJJ podcast crew. The ceilings were low and featured large oval soft lights illuminating the mat area. A crossbeam jutted out from the low ceiling hosting an understated crucifix with the dying savior presiding over the competitors as they battled for the glory of the submission.



The Kurt Osiander Finisher tournament was a round robin submission only tournament. The rounds were kept short to encourage action. The competitor with the most submissions in their bracket was declared the winner. The tournament followed the standard IBJJF rules for legal/illegal submissions.

The tournament featured seven super fights. Each hour, one super fight would take place. The superfights were submission only with a fifteen minute time limit. If there was no submission, Kurt would decide the winner except in the case of Bryant Pangelinan and Diogo Gomes. Kurt did not make a decision in the match for reasons unknown. The first 15 minutes were uneventful and Kurt ordered two additional 5 minute overtime rounds. He even went as far as “admonishing” the competitors that they were stalling and were stuck in “point-style” mode during their match. The match ended in a double toe-hold without a clear tap. Kurt walked off the mat without making a decision.

The super fight card was compiled of local competitors

  • Sean Roberts (Ralph Gracie) defeated Stephan Goyne (Bay Jiu-Jitsu) – Gi
  • Adam Dunkel (Ralph Gracie) defeated Stephen Martinez (Millenia MMA) – Gi
  • Osmar Delima (Ralph Gracie) defeated Travis Magalit (Bay Jiu-Jitsu – No-Gi
  • Mark Tse (Rocha Gracie Humatai) defeated Kola Ajose (Crispim BJJ) – Gi
  • Stephen Martinez (Millenia MMA) defeated Adam Dunkel (Ralph Gracie) vs. – No-Gi
  • Sean Roberts (Ralph Gracie) defeated Igor Pontes (Crispim BJJ) – No-Gi
  • Bryant Pangelinan (Crispim BJJ) draw Diogo Gomes (Rio Combat Club) – Gi

The unofficial registration count for the event was 150. Even more unconventional for a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, the tournament started on time and stayed on time. There was no waiting, no complaining, and no disqualifications for illegal Gis. Kurt awarded the winners of each division with gifts donated by sponsors like BudoVideos and Shoyoroll. Instead of cheesy participation plastic medals, competitors were given swag bags complete with Kurt Osiander stickers for laptops and cars.

Overall, it was good day. Kurt has big plans to shake up the tournament scene. Think skateboards, live music, midgets, and tattoos. Kurt. Unconventional.


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