#91 – Liam Wandi, Nate Mendelsohn, & Leticia Ribeiro

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Tim, Matt, and Frank start off the show talking about UFC 163. Tim talks about “The Gracies and the Birth of Vale Tudo” documentary he recently watched. The guys talk tradition vs. innovation in Jiu-Jitsu. Later Tim recaps the top three times Matt has made him see stars via physical violence.

The guys then call Liam Wandi the Part Time Grappler to talk about how Liam started the Part Time Grappler. The guys also talk about having the right goals and mindset in Jiu-Jitsu competition. Liam also talks about a study he did to estimate the number of BJJ practitioners in the UK.

Afterwards, the guys talk to Nate Mendelsohn, black belt under Claudio Franca. The guys talk about Nate’s experience growing up next door to the academy, transitioning from Taekwondo to Jiu-Jitsu, competition preparation and experiences, and Nate gives advice to younger Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.

Finally, Tim plays an interview he did earlier in the week with Leticia Ribeiro while on location at Gracie South Bay in National City, CA.




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One Response to “#91 – Liam Wandi, Nate Mendelsohn, & Leticia Ribeiro”

  1. Pedro says:

    Hello bros, I listen to you guys from México every monday at my job (not something im proud of haha)i just wanted to ask what you guys think about japanese jiu jitsu cause i practice it but i really like the newaza part (bjj) so im always getting all the new tips you give about it… keep it up bros!

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