#90 – Kurt Osiander, Nick Stefan, Charlie Grant

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Tim starts off the show talking about his recent trip to San Diego. Tim talks about his visits at Gracie Carlsbad in Carlsbad, CA and Excel Jiu-Jitsu in Oceanside, CA. Later, Tim congratulates his long time training partner and friend, Bobby Moksouphanh, on receiving his black belt from Crosley Gracie.

Tim also talks to Kurt Osiander about the upcoming KO Finisher submission only tournament and the recent Rolled-Up episode with Budo Jake.

Afterwards, Tim addresses a few threads from the message boards.




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2 Responses to “#90 – Kurt Osiander, Nick Stefan, Charlie Grant”

  1. Anyone else having problems downloading this from itunes?

  2. Matt Klein says:

    Fantastic video, really down to earth guy, he is a real student of the world. I really like how they focus on the basics in their academy. I live in Australia, but hope to have the opportunity to train with Kurt Osiander some day.


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