85 – Luis Heredia

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Tim starts off the show talking about the Jiu-Jitsu by The Sea Summer 2013 tournament and his son Noah’s success as a competitor. He also breaks the good news that Inside BJJ will be doing the play by play commentary for the 2013 US Open BJJ tournament. The guys talk about the recent subject of IBJJF corruption, school registration, and black belt registration requirements. Later the guys recap Metamoris and talk about the Brenda Schuab running man incident.

Afterwards, the guys talk to Luis Heredia about coming to the United States with Rickson to help Rorion Gracie get Jiu-Jitsu off the ground in the U.S. Luis talks about living in a garage for three years teaching, training, and performing in challenge matches. He goes on to talk about his view of Jiu-Jitsu today, the influence of Rickson Gracie, and how fortunate he is to be the first purple belt ever in the United States.




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