82 – Tim and Matt

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Tim starts off the show talking about Matt blowing out people’s speakers during his intro. He goes on to talk about the Big Man Seminar with Ernest Mello. Tim and Matt discuss the awesomeness of Jiu-Jitsu this summer with the 2013 Worlds and Metamoris 2. Tim talks about a recent Caio Terra thread on the Underground Forum and an article about not wanting your spouse to train.

The feature guest, Chris Brennan, falls through and the guys talk about UFC 160. Matt berates Tim for being out of touch with the latest happenings of the UFC.

Later the guys call Dan Faggella from www.scienceofskill.com and have an insightful conversation about leg locks in Jiu-Jitsu.

Matt and Tim

Matt and Tim



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One Response to “82 – Tim and Matt”

  1. Jscottnd85 says:

    Matt is far older and fatter looking then I figured.. maybe its because Ernest is not in the picture for a size comparison. Tim looks like he could be an accountant.. but not like the type you go to at a legit bank, more like the accountant who works for HR Block at walmart and helps homicide car wash organizations find plausible tax loop holes while the rest of the regular joes (like matt and ernest) keep the grind on, while taking it form the man.. Either way keep up the good work, thanks.


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