Marcus Almeida – Double The Gold, Double The Pressure…But Can It Be Done Again?

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By now, I’m sure most if not all of us have heard of Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida. The tall, menacing figure from Sao Vincente, Almeida has made waves in the game of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has left his mark at just 23 years old.

With epic matches against the likes of Andre Galvao and Roger Gracie, Buchecha has shown that the sky is the limit. One can imagine what his shelf at home looks like with all of the shiny stuff hanging from it, but none of those awards were more impressive than his run in 2012 at the World Championships.

Competing in both his weight class (100kg) and the open weight class, Almeida would leave his last impression on the event by the time it was all said and done. Having ran through his division, Almeida claimed gold. Not content with just one gold medal, Marcus would also go on to claim gold in the open weight division to boot.

Pick on Somebody Your Own Size-Dominating the Super Pesado Weight Class
The large man that he is, its mind boggling that there are BJJ players that are in the same weight class as Almeida. Blending his unique and unassuming speed with his hulking strength, Almeida seemingly has a leg up on the rest of his weight class.

The combination seems almost natural for Almeida. He floats around the mat with such ease, yet by looking at him, it seems as if he should have great difficulty with the movement. The man they call ‘Bucecha’ is most certainly a force as his weight class.

Taking On All Comers In The Open Weight Class
Not only did Almeida assert his dominance amongst his own peers, he also ventured out and took on all comers from all shapes and sizes. Having had to compete in more open weight matches than his own weight class, Almeida showed outstanding stamina.

His opponents were no slouches, either, as he was given some stiff competition. Names such as Rodolfo Vieira, Roberto Alencar and Bernardo Faria all fell to Bucecha. In the finals, Almeida was able to redeem his 2011 finals loss when he got a shot at redemption against Leonardo Nogueira.

Can Lightning Strike Twice?
Obtaining double gold is no easy task. Almeida turned many heads when he did it last year, and helped make a name for himself. With the World Championships a stone’s throw away, many are wondering if Marcus can repeat and win double gold again.

It’s a tough task, there is no doubting that. Given his dominance last year, there will be a target on his back this year and everyone will be gunning for him.

However, even though it seems extremely difficult, if there is anyone that can win double gold in consecutive years, it’s Almeida.

Daniel Faggella

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