#79 – Kevin Casey

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Tim, Matt, and Francisco sit down to talk about the upcoming Metamoris 2, feedback from the Roy Harris podcast, Francisco’s travels and Tim’s recent birthday party.

Later the guys sit down with Kevin Casey to talk about training under Rickson Gracie, being friends with the late Rockson Gracie, promoting himself to blackbelt and dealing with the fallout, and being on the The Ultimate Fighter.

Afterwards, the guys talk more about the Diaz brothers.




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2 Responses to “#79 – Kevin Casey”

  1. Zvitaq says:

    I love the show and listen religiously. The guests are interesting and it’s a tribute to the reputation of the show that you can pull such quality individuals to answer your call. I love the witty banter and snappy repartee. In my opinion, the profanity is apropos to the conversation and adds color and flavor to the show.
    There’s one thing, the way Tim asks questions. He uses compound questions which, by the time he finishes, are too complex to remember. Then he finishes with a closed ended binary question where the interlocutor can basically say yes or no.
    Listen to some really good interviewers and how they ask. Simple clear and open ended questions.
    You guys are great. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. kendaboss says:

    Yea whoever is hating on this podcast for being “dirty” is a douche powering up to level 9000 of douchebaggery. The BJJ community needs this show like cocaine needs baking soda. Don’t mess with my crack bro. Baby wrist locks and guard pulls for life homie


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