#78 – Roy Harris

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Tim starts off the show talking about Inside BJJ crew doing the broadcast for the 6th American Cup tournament. He shares another tournament bathroom incident and his first homicide car wash of the spring. The guys discuss the upcoming Metmoris 2 and share some strategies for maximizing training on a limited time budget.

Tim, Matt, and Ernest sit down with Roy Harris to talk about his extensive background training in over 25 martial arts, what it was like training with Guru Dan Inosanto and Sifu Paul Vunak, and how Roy discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on asphalt in a parking lot grappling match. Roy talks about what self defense really is and how it should be taught as well as his approach to teaching students. He also reviews his approach to belt testing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shares a story about an overly aggressive brown belt, and his “A” game.

Later, Matt gives his UFC 159 review and the results of his latest Fightpick Showdown.




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One Response to “#78 – Roy Harris”

  1. Ernest Rules says:

    Great show guys!

    We’ve heard a few times someone well versed in streetfighting and self defense say they wouldn’t want to use a ground based strategy for a fight. I wonder if bjj has bought into its own hype a bit too much.

    After hearing that, and after this interview in particular, have you done anything to prepare for self defense scenarios involving more that one attacker and defending your family? Especially living in Stockton?

    I’d think typical scenarios are like Roy mentioned, one guy mouthing off, then when you lay the smack down, his friends jump in. Rarely if ever is a streetfight one on one. I think something like Krav Maga might be a good complement to bjj, but we all have limited time and money, except maybe the 1%ers, like Tim.(j/k)


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