#65 – Tim Lajcik

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Join Tim and Matt as they sit down with NCAA All American Wrestler and Football star, Golden Gloves Boxer, Mixed Martial Artist, and actor, Tim Lajcik. The guys talk to Tim about his experiences wrestling despite losing every match his freshman year, his non conventional methods of getting stronger, competing for the love of the art instead of winning, breaking into the UFC, and punching an alligator in the head.

The guys also give away a copy of Lucas Lepri’s Championship Guard Passing DVD to winner of the Awesomely Bad Jiu-Jitsu Logo Contest.

Great show, great guys, great great.

Tim Lajcik

Tim Lajcik


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4 Responses to “#65 – Tim Lajcik”

  1. Hey, Nice episode. I especially like how Tim admitted that he was the one whom exuded pure malice in his belt lashings during belt promotion. My body thanks him. Oh and thanks for clearing the air that my name is actually Darendinger. 🙂

  2. Angela Sauermann says:

    Wow! Thank you guys for a thoroughly entertaining, thoughtful interview. I am a huge fan of the Bohemian! Tim Lajcik is truly an amazing competitor, coach and storyteller. I hope you invite him back for part 2! This episode was my introduction to InsideBJJ and I’m already going premium.

  3. Homerplata says:

    Hey, your download link is broken.

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