#55 – Dean Lister and Amanda Lucas

Tim, Matt, and Ernest talk to Dean Lister about Sambo, Judo, Wrestling, stalling in tournaments, MMA, and numerous other topics.

Later the guys talk to Amanda Lucas, MMA and Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt and daughter of Star Wars creator George Lucas, about training MMA and her upcoming fight in Japan.


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2 Responses to “#55 – Dean Lister and Amanda Lucas”

  1. pb barney says:

    Your discussion with Dean made me realize that tournaments don’t necessarily have to be either point or submission only. Maybe points for the early stages to save time, but submission only for gold would be a good way to adjust the current tournament rules situation. This might be the sweet spot we’ve been looking for.

  2. MagnumGI says:

    Thanks for the mention in the intro. I peed my pants laughing at my desk. (I have bladder issues =/ ) My wife loved how she was mentioned too. She took it as a compliment, esp. Ernest’s “maybe she is a whoooooore”.

    That was worth the $2 premium just to hear this episode a few days early.

    Keep up the great work!

    PS: Donald’s Place.

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