#51 – Sean Patrick Flanery & Brent Littell

Tim, Matt, and Ernest sit down with Hollywood BJJ black belt and Hollywood actor, Sean Patrick Flanery. The guys talk about Sean getting into martial arts because of Elvis Presley, other martial arts verse Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training with Rickson Gracie, the awesomeness of Henry Akins and some ridiculous rumors.

Later the guys talk to 10th Planet Black Belt Brent Littell and Brent tells the story of the creepy Joe Rogan locker room stalker.


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2 Responses to “#51 – Sean Patrick Flanery & Brent Littell”

  1. pb barney says:

    facials and kegels on the same day

  2. Richard Bresler says:

    Good interview with Sean. I was fortunate to have a couple classes with Rickson in October 1980 when I lived with Rorion and many more in the later 1980s. It was quite an honor. Many people do not understand fundamentals because they are not taught much anymore.

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