#47 – Leo Frincu, Mark Matthews

Tim and Matt sit down with strength & conditioning and high performance mentality coach Leo Frincu. Leo shares his unique background and approach to coaching soccer moms and world class athletes such as Romulo Barral and Ronda Rousey and touches on several key subjects for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.

  • The importance of understanding why you train
  • Why you need a goal
  • The role your mind plays in achieving peak results in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition.
  • How to find your confidence
  • Being lucky versus being prepared

Later, the guys catch up with Mark Matthews MMA fighter and Tattoo artist from Season Two of Spike TV’s Ink Master. Mark shares his experience being on Ink Master, what happens to clients who get crappy tattoos on the show, his worst tattoo ever, and upcoming twists in his MMA career

Join us for a great time with peak performance coach Leo Frincu and MMA & Tattoo Artist Mark Matthews.


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Meet Your Master: Mark Matthews
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One Response to “#47 – Leo Frincu, Mark Matthews”

  1. inside bjj rules! says:

    the Ryon/Galvao match was the most boring match in an otherwise fantastic event. If they fight again, it should be under ADCC rules. Thats probably the best compromise. It encourages the submission, but will reward the fighter who is positionally dominating his opponent. That way we get a clear winner, and force Ryron to actually fight instead of laying there working for a draw. Unfortunately this probably won’t happen.

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