#46 – Metamoris Pro – Eddie Bravo, Ryron Gracie, Jeff Glover

Join Tim as he recaps the 2012 Metamoris Pro event. You’ll hear questions from the post fight press conference and one on one interviews with Eddie Bravo, Ryron Gracie, and Jeff Glover.


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3 Responses to “#46 – Metamoris Pro – Eddie Bravo, Ryron Gracie, Jeff Glover”

  1. Rudy says:

    Ryron+Rener just love $$ with their mkt scheme of defending and not going for the sub like their cousin Kron, they are just magnifying their angle/”philosophy” on just surviving (irrelevant in a sub only event), too bad for Andre that he reacted that way, like any other human, and the same way Ryron reacted when he lost on points vs Laimon(Rorion’s rules BTW) its all just bs, if he would have keep it playful, he would have gone to sleep just like Royce did agains Wallid. End of Story.

  2. Eddie says:

    Thanks for doing a nice job at covering the event, lots of different opinion and that is all they are, opinions. I’m glad to have seen all of the matches and that the guys are getting paid for all their hard work.

    In any forum, in any business people will take the time to complain rather then to praise.

    Thanks for a great BJJ podcast, keeps me company on some long work trips.

  3. aj says:

    So about the Ryron/Galvao match… There are a couple of things that were crap about this whole match. This is not an argument for or against rules vs submission only.
    1. It is very difficult at that level(black belt) to submit someone who does not want to play. If the guy is just playing not to get submitted, they don’t want to move or try to advance their position, then it makes for a boring match. It also leaves very little opening for submission. It takes both competitors to open up their game and go after it to have a great match.
    2. Having said that, I feel like it’s a copout for Ryron to not do anything but defend and act like he proved something. Sure he didn’t get submitted, but he was dominated the whole time positionally and was never able to achieve a position to submit. So in that sense either he did not try to win/submit, or could not get himself into a position to win/submit. I think Ryron had just as much to lose as Galvao. If he was submitted, it would possibly be percieved that his take on bjj is outdated. He fought not to lose. Great, you didn’t get submitted. Boring. Next match.
    3. I am a little disappointed with Andre too. I feel like Ryron was right in that he didn’t open his game up much either. Ryron can’t talk because he didn’t do anything either, and maybe that’s why Andre didn’t. But his statements at the end of the match could be percieved as bad sportsmanship. We all saw the match. There is no reason to defend yourself. Ryron survived, good on him, but never threatened. We all know if the other guy is just so tight and won’t move, there is very little to attack. I just feel like Andre appeared to be a sore loser when he didn’t lose. I think he may have let all this get in his head a bit, thinking he was being set up. If he felt that way he shouldn’t have taken the match. He is a pro and knew what he was getting into. He may have been right that an opponent can just wait it out and just fight not to get submitted. But he came across a little negative in an event that was more about promoting the sport. I think he should have just said “it was great for the sport, and glad to have the match. You need the guy to open up more to have a good match, but maybe next time.” I feel like the way he responded probably turned some people off.
    4. This match showed that for all the hype about submission-only being more exciting because it forces you to go for the sub- Ryron proved that just like sport bjj this will not always be the case. You can still stall and defend, with your victory being “I was never submitted”. Most of the other matches were outstanding, but would have been so anyway with sport or submission rules because of the nature of the competitiors. But you are still gonna have the guys that are going to make boring fights by either stalling or just defending and not going for the submission. What makes great fights is guys willing to go after it. I think Andre vs anyone else willing to go for it would have been better. Outsiders looking in who don’t know Ryron are just like “what is this guy doing, he’s just laying there.” The rules don’t necessarily make the fights, it’s the competitors’ willingness to put it on the line.

    Just some guys .02.

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