Are You Blackbelt Worthy?

Romulo Barral

Our good friend, Leo Frincu, posted a great article on what it means to be blackbelt worthy.

Jiu Jitsu, everyone loves it. This article is for all of the Jiu Jitsu practitioners out there. Lots of people, including myself, have talked about what a Black Belt Mentality means. In this article, I will talk about what goes through the mind of a Jiu Jitsu athlete from a white belt all the way to a Black Belt. You see, when you are starting Jiu Jitsu for the first time, you are fascinated with the Black Belts. You like the respect they get. You like the recognition they have. It’s a sort of Black Belt community going on and you hope that one day you’ll get to be a part of it. The problem with most white belts is that they don’t understand the responsibility that comes with being a Black Belt. Most Jiu Jitsu practitioners don’t realize what comes with every belt promotion they receive.


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