#29 – Crosley Gracie

Tim, Ernest, and Ryan sit down for a face to face chat with Crosley Gracie at the Inside BJJ studios. The guys talk about the latest IBJJF Pro League, the latest news from the Jiu-Jitsu Message Boards, and a lively discussion with Crosley Gracie.

Crosley talks about how he started in Jiu-Jitsu taking hour long bus rides to train in Brazil, his famous fight with Melvin Manhoef, and what it means to have respect in the Jiu-Jitsu academy.


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  1. Trumpetdan says:

    I suspect checkuroil’s incident had a lot to do that he is a black belt under eddie bravo without the gi. Hes a pretty big guy too and is probably a handful on the mats. ( He tapped the instructor)

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