#27 – Rose Gracie Bonus Episode

Tim and Rose sit down to talk about Jiu-Jitsu in the Olympics, team loyalty, and the criticism that Inside BJJ hates on the IBJJF. Rose answers some personal mail, addresses questions about the Gracie Worlds and tells an over the top story about her daughter.


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10 Responses to “#27 – Rose Gracie Bonus Episode”

  1. Andis says:

    Is there any news on whether this will be streamed live?

  2. Dustin says:

    I love submission only tournaments, and what Rose is doing is great, but she found the code? She discovered what needed to happen?

    What about US Grappling? She acts like she’s never heard of them. They do true, submission only tournaments. No time limit, at all. Submission only.

    I think it would only be fair to interview Chrissy from US Grappling, and give them some love as well. I’m pretty sure Rose has even communicated with them before she started her tournaments, but I could be wrong.

  3. Rose Gracie says:

    Thanks Miguel !
    And wait till you get ur blue belt to compete 🙂
    Ray I love the combatives system. I believe jiu Jitsu is not just the best martial art in the world but a way of life 🙂
    Javi is teaching his own system now but was using combatives for a while and our students were winning my competitions just by using combatives 😉
    People need to stop complicating jiu Jitsu !
    Good luck with ur training and hope to meet u guys one day !

  4. Ray says:

    Rose your thoughts and views are thought provoking. I started jiu jitsu using Ryron & Rener’s Gracie Combatives at home. Then moved onto a school and have been training for about 2 years. I enjoy learning self defense and sport specific. Was lucky enough to attend a seminar hosted in Scottsdale with Ryron. He was awesome,detailed,kept things simple. I could care less about the politics I just enjoy training and trying to stay healthy. Jiu jitsu has allowed my wife and kids to find some balance in life. Your passion for jiu jitsu made me smile.

  5. Miguel says:

    Daaaaang, That was the best podcast I ever heard, Rose Gracie, you are the best, if, you weren’t married to someone that could beat the pulp out of me, I’d ask you to marry me. I love her stories and I love her attitude. (you could tell she is Grandmaster Helio’s daughter and I mean that in the best way possible). I’m fairly new to Jiu jitsu, but, as soon as I get good enough, I will definitely support her tournaments…Miguel

  6. Rose Gracie says:

    Like my uncle relson loves to say “Go suck an egg buddy” lol !

  7. Richard Blanco says:

    Ep 27 sucks 1 big commercial
    Please better content in your next Ep
    Actually get Jiu Jitsu practitioner or
    Just talk about BJJ stop hating

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