#24 – Ryron Gracie

Tim, Matt, and Ernest sit down with Ryron Gracie to talk about his competition experience, what led him to stop competing, and what is getting him back into competing again at the 2012 Gracie Worlds. Ryron talks about his philosophies behind training and competing. He goes on to talk about the motivation behind online Gracie University, how belts are given, and his grandfather’s Helio’s opinion on it.

Ernest follows up with some great rumors and Matt is confronted by podcast listener JCash about UFC 146 fight picks.


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4 Responses to “#24 – Ryron Gracie”

  1. Richard Bresler says:

    Excellent interview and hi guys! That’s why I have been teaching Jiu Jitsu. For me it is not about the competition, it is about defending yourself.

  2. Alberto says:

    Gracie combatives is great. Chris Saunders (Rickson’s first American Black Belt) got me into it and it’s amazing. There are moves in the Master Cycle that Chris has never seen as Ryron referred to in the podcast. On a side note, you should interview Chris. He has some great stories hanging with the Gracies and his time in Brazil.

  3. Scott says:

    Great interview. You can tell how passionate about this Ryron is. I love his stance on training at different academies. I looked for reviews on Gracie Combatives after listening to interview. Slidefoot had a very detailed review that is worth reading.


    I’ll let other people decide on where they stand on all of this but thanks for another great interview.

    • Tim says:

      Agreed. Ryron is a great guy and passionate about Jiu-Jitsu.

      I’ve been reviewing Gracie Combatives once again w/ a fresh mindset and it’s very good. I can’t wait to start drilling the techniques.

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