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  1. Well, that’s Saulo, a member of the “old generation” of jiu-jitsu athletes, just like me (although I don’t train). We defend the basics, roots, fundamentals of jiu-jitsu as being the most important thing for a true development in the Art/Sport. Jiu-jitsu was made for self-defense, and, although Saulo is a 6 time World Champion in BJJ and and a 2 time ADCC Submission Grappling World Champion, besides all the other tournaments he won in his life, he never learned or taught jiu-jitsu just for tournaments. Nowadays whenever I go to tournaments (and I go only if I must), I get pretty upset and annoyed to see kids or adults that barely know the basics/fundamentals of the sport, but are doing advanced/flashy techniques that only much more graduated people should be doing. And these badly informed beginners do that just to win competitions. It’ll work NOW, but not in a very near future anymore. You gotta study and understand the roots and be perfect at them first. After that, you go to other more advanced positions! Well, this direction that BJJ is taking nowadays, at least here in the US where I live for over 11 years, is disturbing, because this is not, at all, what our Grand Great Masters Carlos Gracie Sr. and Helio Gracie developed in Brazil and taught to the world. I can guarantee that those people that are being instructed to practice BJJ like that, I mean, just to win tournaments, WILL NEVER have a successful career in BJJ (Check Roger Gracie and you’ll see what I am talking about). However, if you are GREAT in the basics of jiu-jitsu, the rest becomes so easy for you to understand, that everything starts to make sense, so it’s not anymore difficult like it was in the beginning of your training. So, yes, like Saulo said, there are good and bad in every profession; right? And he and Xande cautiously choose who will take care of their Academies worldwide, the same way that I do whenever I have to sponsor an athlete. And for the one who said it doesn’t sound like Saulo, I guarantee 100% it is Saulo. He’s on the phone, so his voice sounds a little bit different, but once you here his “hehehehe” when he laughs, there’s absolutely no doubt that is it the great and fun Saulo Ribeiro for sure! By the way, since the beginning I knew it was Saulo because I know what he stands for and how he talks. Congrats InsideBJJ for the great interview and wonderful choice of athletes, and congrats my dear friend Saulo, who I still miss dearly very much!

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