#11 – Cesar Gracie

Tim, Matt, and Ernest sit down with Cesar Gracie to talk about the beginnings of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in California. Cesar shares his story of being a pioneer in bringing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the Northern California scene. Cesar talks about how he brought Rigan Machado and Ralph Gracie to the United States and how his gym and fight team took shape in the early years. Cesar goes on to talk about being open to no-gi and other forms of grappling and how it has shaped his GracieFighter Team. He goes on to talk about working with athletes like Jake Shields, Nick and Nate Diaz, Gilbert Melendez, Caio Terra, and Samir Chantre. Don’t miss this epic podcast with Cesar Gracie


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3 Responses to “#11 – Cesar Gracie”

  1. napa bjj says:

    Saul Escalera is legit … I don’t know what Cesar would have to say about him but i know one thing the guy its very knowledgeable

  2. A. Gonzalez says:

    Hey do any of you guys have a picture of this Alex guy?

  3. Scott scorza says:

    hey i was wondering what Cesar thought of Saul Escalera, his first brown belt

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