Episode 6 with Rose Gracie and Renato Laranja

Tim from Inside BJJ, Matt , and Ernest Mello sit down with Rose Gracie to talk about the recent Gracie National’s submission only tournament and the upcoming Gracie Worldss submission only tournament in San Jose, CA. Renato Laranja makes a surprise call in to the show and proceeds to argue with Rose Gracie about the merits of her tournament rules and philosophy. The ensuing insults and humor cannot be described only listened to. Rose talks about Eddie Bravo as an unlikely source of support for her submission only tournament. Later, Rose talks about Ernest’s missing $400.00 from the 2010 Gracie ProAm and prank phone calling her uncle Relson. Do not miss this show.


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2 Responses to “Episode 6 with Rose Gracie and Renato Laranja”

  1. Rio says:

    Classic episode. A MUST listen to.

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