Not Enjoying BJJ?

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Not liking BJJ and training anyways

Does anyone train BJJ and not like it? For most of us, training BJJ is a passion. For some though, the daily grind of learning BJJ makes the experience miserable.

From twinkletoesCT

Apparently, I surprised a couple of my veteran students the other day when I told them that I really didn’t enjoy my BJJ training much until I hit purple belt.

I started BJJ and loved the results — real, testable skills, a great workout, a means to develop a ground game (I was a standup fighter and weapons guy). But at white belt and much of blue belt, I think I faced the day-to-day grind on the mat with a certain grim mix of respect and determination…not necessarily joy & excitement.

Once I hit purple, the game became tons of fun, and I really started to enjoy it in a way that I didn’t (much) before that. But it defeinitely turned a corner around that point, and I didn’t love it in that way at the lower ranks.

Does this relate to your own training? Have there been times when you train because you feel obligated to, when you are doing it *despite* your feelings about it, rather than *because of* your feelings about it? Did you start training because you loved it? Or did you start training because you wanted an end result and were willing to work through *not* loving it?

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