Secret of Success?

We all want our investments to be safe and to be assured beforehand that our endeavors are going to be successful. One sad truth is that most people never try anything new because of fear of failure.  People feel they must be assured of success before venturing into new territory.

Well, life doesn’t work like that. If life was so predictable, everyone would be successful.  As a matter a fact, success wouldn’t have any meaning or value if it was like that. Success by definition is the ability to move forward with your dreams in spite of the challenges and failures you may encounter on your way toward reaching your goals. That is what makes success enjoyable and worthwhile.

I have come to a full understanding that one of the first truths about success is that you must let go of the things that you cling to the most. You must get out of your comfort zone and step into the unknown. You need to take chances. We must release the things in which we find security, such as money, time, poor relationships or false jobs.

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