Cellphone in Class?

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Cell phone during class?

This is a very timely question given the addiction most of have with our cell phones. I have to admit, I have checked my phone during class on several occasions because I have small children at home and have been on call at times. I have yet to see an instructor on the phone during the class though. I wouldn’t be offended at this behavior unless it happened on a consistent basis. It’s hard to draw the line between being rude and productive. One of the unique things Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offers is a personal space for each student to be away from the daily grind. A cell phone offers just about the exact opposite. It’s a tether that reminds us of all the responsibilities awaiting us after class. Better keep the cell phones in the gym bags until after class. You’ll enjoy your time mat more.


How often is your instructor on his smart phone during class/instruction/sparring????


I have never once seen my instructor on his cell phone during class. I think I saw him on it once before though..literally once


My first instructor spent a big chunk of each class on myspace.

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