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Do stripes matter? This weeks “Thread of the Week” comes from Sherdog.

User: Ballistics

I know there are many of you who think that belt color is meaningless, and stripes are ridiculous etc, but how many of you appreciate your stripes? Do you feel that your instructors put thought into stripes? Or just do it just because? Do you think that awarding stripes helps your motivation? Do you feel that a 4 stripe blue belt should be better than a 3 stripe blue?



Even after 8 years, you think you are over it.
BUT you still line up at graduation to watch your teamates getting their new belts.
and then you get call in to get a stripe, it makes you happy. No way someone will say that at that one moment, you are proud to be recognised in front of your team.
If you do not get call for a stripe, it means that you already have 4 stripes and your name is not on the list of the new belts. Or it means do not deserve the stripe.
The whole class would notice that too and I knew a few guys that got ticked off because they missed out on a stupid little stripe.
I actually still remember why and how I got my first stripe.


Not only do I not appreciate my stripes, but I was actually pissed when my instructor tried to give them to me.
I was like “what’s this??? Tape. I don’t need band aid. I’m not a part of your system….!!!!” and then I threw it on the ground.


I was at purple for two years and I started feeling down. Not like I was gonna quit, just unmotivated. My coach is giving a bunch of people stripes, sees me and says “oh, Calibur, here have a stripe.”
I was having a particularly bad year, real life wise, and getting SOME acknowledgement of progress was one of the best things that happened to me.
I’m human, and I like being acknowledged.


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