Submission FC Gi Review

Recently, I was given a “Submission Light Gi” to review by Submission Fight Company. I was chomping at the proverbial bit to get my hands on this Gi because my submission skillz were feeling rusty and what better than the word “Submission” on my Gi to help kick start my training. The Gi is composed of a pearl white jacket and ripstop pants. I NEED RIPSTOP PANTS (see pics below). The shoulder and lapel of the jacket contain the standard black “Submission FC” patch. The ripstop pants are highlighted with a classic tuxedo black side stripe. This is the closest I’ve been to wearing a real tuxedo so it’s definitely a plus. The drawstring is a rope style draw string which I prefer over the flat tapered style string that I almost always have to replace after a few months of training and eating double burritos from Adalberto’s.

Submission Light Gi Jacket

Submission Light Gi Pants

First Impression
Balance is the first word that came to mind when I unboxed the Gi. Not too flashy and not to dull. Perfect for daily training and competing.

The Fitting
I selected an A2 and was positive the pants would not fit. Really positive. I am barely 5’7” (on a good day or 2 inch platform).  I weigh 205 pounds (after a three day fast). I have trained for over ten years and I have to get every Gi I own altered because the pants are always too long. Surprisingly, the Submission Light Gi fit perfect on the first fitting with no alterations or washing.

Test Drive
In order to thoroughly evaluate the Submission Light Gi in training, I trained six days a week for two straight weeks wearing, washing,  and hang drying the Submission Light Gi after every training session. After two weeks, the Submission Light Gi is in impeccable condition but not me. I’m worn out from so much training. Here’s what I did with my Submission Light Gi.

1) Passed Tim from Inside BJJ’s Guard…Easily…See His Pathetic Guard

Passing Guard

2) Loop Choke. Oooh…That Tickles…Me Like

Loop Choke

3) Armbar Time. No, Put Your Leg Here Dude.


4) Collar Choke Makes My Partner Smile

Collar Choke

5) Collar Choke…Look Into My Eyes…Do You Feel What I’m Feeling?

Collar Choke

Bottom Line

If you’ve got $100 burning a hole in your sweatpants, the Submission Light Gi is a great Gi at a great price. Too many new Gi’s on the market today are a case of style over substance. The Submission Light Gi looks great, feels great, and holds up to rigor of daily training. Don’t throw your money away on expensive flashy Gi’s when you still can’t scissor sweep properly. The Submission Light Gi is the Gi for you.  Buy it now!


4 Responses to “Submission FC Gi Review”

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  2. wilson says:

    I got my light submission fc gi 3months ago… I love it! Looks great, everyone at my gym wants to get one.

    Def. Recommend it!!!

  3. jouseph says:


    Thank you for the review. Its a great one.

    You said you were 5’7″ and around 205Lbs. and you went with size A2. Was the waist of the pants and the jockey area comfortable?

    I also face the same problems with Gi pants length, so can you please advise on the length of these pants.

    Thank you.

    • insidebjj says:

      A buddy of mine did the review for Submission FC. The pants fit but they fit just right meaning there wasn’t much room. As a side note, the Gi sustained a small tear in it about two months into training. I’m not sure what caused the tear but just a heads up.

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