Worlds 2011 Observations

Observations on the 2011 Worlds.

Rodolfo Vieira is THE man. Vieira beats Bernardo Farias twice on the same day that he dismantles Rafael Lovato Jr. 20-2.


Rafael Mendes pulled off a slick inverted triangle against Leonardo Saggioro.


Marcelo Garcia is still Marcelo Garcia.

Ary Farias is going to be a World Champion someday.

Nyjah Easton from Lloyd Irivin fought great against six time World’s champ Leticia Ribiero.

Hannette Staack finished Ida Josefin with a beautiful flying armbar.


Hillary Williams may have competed for the last time. Too bad if you missed it.


Lloyd Irvin is building an ultra competitive team and one day will have a World champion.

The 50/50 is super boring. There several times the crowd collectively groaned when the 50/50 position appeared. It brings the match to an almost stand still. Let’s make the heel hook legal from this position and see if it spices things up?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu crowds are ten times as cool as MMA crowds. Sorry, I just had to squeeze that in.

It was announced that Shoyoroll gis were on sale and folks in the crowd literally sprinted to the sales booth.


It’s time to PAY THE ATHLETES for winning. I’m not buying the story that there’s not enough money made from the event to afford to pay the athletes.




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