Make your goal!

The first quarter of 2011 is over. Are you on track to achieve your goals for this year? Do you even have goals for this year? In a flash, the new year will be here. The action you take now will determine whether or not you achieve your goals. If you’ve lost track of your goals or still haven’t set any, Inside BJJ is here to help you get on track.

  1. Write down the top three things you want to accomplish this year in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  2. Next to each item, write a realistic expiration date. This is your cutoff date. By this date, you expect to achieve this goal.
  3. Under each item, write down three actions you can do to achieve your goal.
    • The first action should be something you can do today to get your jumpstarted.
    • The second action should be something you can do each week or on a routine basis to keep you on track.
    • The third action should involve someone else who can hold you accountable. You’re more likely to stick to your goal if someone else is depending on you
  4. Schedule a checkpoint. The checkpoint is a date in the future when you will sit down and review your goals and progress. Use this day to modify your daily, weekly, and partner actions.

One last piece of advice is this. Somtimes, you have to throw your hat over the fence to force you get to the other side. Put some skin in the game. Commit and force yourself to follow through and achieve your goals!

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