Catch up with Andre Galvao

Inside BJJ had the chance to catch up Andre Galvao recently. Here are the highlights from our quick chat.

  • New school is doing great. Andre is working and training every single day. Click Here to learn more about his new school.
  • Andre is seriously considering returning to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition this year!
  • No MMA fights schedule yet but managers are working on it.
  • Comments on the recent Strikeforce fight.

“I think Jacare was so strong and very prepared to face Rob Lawler. He did well and recovered from a bad time during the first round. He did so good. Jacare is a monster and we could see he always worked for the grappling game during the fight. Also Roger did the same. They are a so high level BJJ. Roger is fantastic and amazing grappler. About Nick Diaz and Cyborg, I think the BJJ for Nick was the second plan because he was using his boxing against Cyborg pretty well. Cyborg gave a opportunity to him work the BJJ. All three guys have a great experience in BJJ with tournaments etc. That’s what make the difference during the fight for all three. It’s really hard for some body get this kind of BJJ level just fighting and training mma. This is for a small group of athletes of MMA (the BJJ experience). Jiu jitsu is the main key and the main fight to know in MMA. If you don’t believe in that you will be in trouble every time when the fight goes to the floor.”

Andre Galvao and Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza

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