Roberto Abreu Talks No-Gi Worlds and The Avengers

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You had a great tournament winning your weight class and the open division. How did you feel going into the tournament?

Roberto Abreu
It couldn’t have been better, winning times at the same Worlds No-Gi for sure is a blessing!!

I have written on my left arm that I’m the strength and courage of God, and only he knows what I have passed, and how much I have I put into my work to be where I am right now. Im the happiest guy in the world!

I won weight, open class, and The Avengers won the Team Title. Just unbelievable!

But it didn’t come from out of nowhere. Pablo Popovitch and I have put together one of the best BJJ Camps ever this year.  We created The Avengers.  And if we were doing good before, it’s now unstoppable. The training we have here in Florida right now is unbelievable together with Rodrigo Cavaca’s Black belts.  It’s not just us. We also have made countless champions under us.

Inside BJJ
You were able to work the tornado guard in your matches. Are competitors learning how to defend this? It seems like you’re still surprising your opponents with it.

Roberto Abreu
The tornado guard is just like anything else in Jiu-Jitsu, I build new positions everyday for every kind of defense. The difference is that I built the Tornado, and there is not very many guys out there that have my game. If it is already hard for the guys that train with me everyday to defend from my guard, imagine for the guys that just try to learn how to defend it by watching videos?! They get surprised.

Inside BJJ
You had an exciting match with Lucas Leite. You did a nice job of defending his half-guard. Can you describe your strategy to the readers?

Roberto Abreu
Lucas is an Amazing competitor. It is the second time we fought each other.  I was really pumped for that fight. Buchecha had closed with Pablo at the other side of the bracket already, so I new I could put 100% into the fight with Lucas. That was it – I went to battle.  I love to play deep half too, so I know how to stop it.  It went perfect just the way I thought it would. I believe the final score was15x2.

Inside BJJ
The finals of the open division ending with you, Pablo Papovitch and Buchecha. How did you decide who the winner would be? Why not fight?

Roberto Abreu
We have a great relationship in between us. That’s what is making us close all the open classes out there and have success.

We won almost all of the biggest events from IBJJF at the second semester – closing out all the Open classes; Honolulu Open, Miami Open, Pan-Ams No-GI, and Worlds No-Gi. We also closed many other events like Grappler’s Quest and Copa America.

The secret is that we all have different games but we learn from each other everyday. We teach each other how to defend our own games. It makes the game awesome because you’re always in trouble.  The consequence is a constant evolution on our games.  And if we knew that we would fight, we wouldn’t be so open to each other.

Like this, we all win, and we alternate the victories. My training partners gave me the best present ever at the Worlds No-Gi. They are monsters, and anyone could have won. Buchecha is a great champion. He has a talent that I never have seen like. He is for sure the Next Roger Gracie. Pablo, other than my brother, more than anything, is my biggest inspiration for Jiu-Jitsu. He is the one who has helped me get to the level where I am right now. I really learn everyday from him.

We are built like a family, where we look out and respect each other, and this is just the beginning of many great victories!

2010 was a great year. I had the Chance to go around the world to teach my technique. I had 20 seminars this year, many championships, and the pleasure of seeing the success of my work as a teacher – closing the year with the title of best team at the Worlds No-Gi and making many world champions.

2011 promises much more. Now Im organizing the house so I can do it even better next year!

Thanks so Much for the opportunity and God bless.

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