2010 World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship Update

Just finished watching the 2010 World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi tournament and I wanted to share a few observations.

  • Big ups to BudoVideos for broadcasting the event online. The feed was a little spotty but overall it was good. Watching Jiu-Jitsu events live online is the future of broadcasting for BJJ. It’s a great way for fans the world over to watch the events as they happen. The broadcasts will only get better in time.
  • Roberto Abreu is a beast. His matches were very impressive. His ability to sweep virtually all of his opponents from tornado guard is unbelievable. The amazing thing is that Abreu is still on the way up. He said in his interview that he’s getting better because he has world class training parnters – something he didn’t have in Campo Grande, Brazil.
  • Pablo Popovitch is just as much of a beast as Roberto Abreu. Even though he placed third in the open division because he lost to a gentleman’s game of even-odds to Buchecha (Checkmat), Pablo was well on his way to winning the open class as well.
  • Crosley Gracie marks his return to competition by winning the Gold medal in the masters medium heavy division. Crosley looked remarkable submitting both of his opponents with ease. Crosley’s top student Ryan Murphy also won the masters medium heavy Brown Belt division.
  • Michelle Nicolini defeated Beatriz Mesquita in stunning fashion in the Female Open Division. Nicolini applied a toe hold during a rapid transition that left Mesquita injured. It was a dramatic turn of events considering Mesquita defeated Nicolini by armbar in their finals match for the lightweight division.
  • Lucas Leite once again displayed his fantastic half-guard game.
  • JT Torres is going to be the black belt World Champion in his division someday.
  • These athletes REALLY need to be paid for winning at this level. The athleticism, expertise, and amount of preparation it takes to win at this level is on par with any professional sport in the world.
  • View the full list of results here.

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