Carlos Portuguese Vieira Interview

Carlos Portuguese Viea

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Tell the readers about your background. How did you get started in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? How old were you? What school did you start with? How long did it take for you to receive your black belt?

Carlos Portuguese Vieira

I started BJJ in a small city with the population of approximately 34,000 called Sao Lourenco in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais. I began BJJ with Master Jorge until I reached brown belt. In 2000, I moved to Sao Paulo, a big city, where there were big BJJ competitions. I began to represent Cia Paulista because I needed to represent a team from the same state and there I began to create some contacts.

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Why did you choose to accept your black belt from Jorge Pina as well as Cia Paulista?

Carlos Portuguese Vieira

In 2001, I received a proposal from Master Milton Maximilliano Trombine to represent Cia Paulista and to hold lessons in Brasilia, the capital of Brasil. In November 2001, I received my black belt from Masters Milton Maximiliano, Waldomiro Junior and Eduardo Leitao. One month later in December 2001, in great respect that I had and have and for all the support that I received from Master Jorge Pina, I returned to my city to receive my black belt from him. I had all the support from the Cia Paulista Masters to do so.

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You have traveled and taught Jiu-Jitsu in Australia, Iceland, and Spain. Most Jiu-Jitsu black belts move from Brazil to the United States to open a school. What influenced you to choose other countries instead of the United States?

Carlos Portuguese Vieira

I have travelled to the United States many, many times to compete and hold seminars. However, it was a lot easier for me to legally work in Europe as I had a European citizenship. I met my wife in Spain, but decided to move to Australia as she had been living there almost her whole life. It was also a great option as BJJ is still a developing sport in Australia and becoming increasingly popular everyday.

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You have graduated over 20 black belts. What do you think is the biggest challenge in students achieving the rank of black belt? Are you able to determine early on if a student will reach a black belt when they are at white or blue?

Carlos Portuguese Vieira

I always try to keep to Confederation CBJJ guide to the period that each belt should take from one to the next. I have also adapted my own system where I can differentiate an athlete from someone who trains for leisure. I will always push the athlete an extra step and encourage them to compete. However, there is always an exception for those who train extra hard. They deserve to graduate earlier on. For example, one student of mine who was with me from white to black belt, Daniel Azevedo, graduated to black belt in just under 8 years and was ranked number one in 2010, see the following link, Some people have really surprised me. Some who I thought that would make it all the way didn’t. Some people who I thought that wouldn’t make it, are still going today and have exceeded my expectations. The most important thing that I have learned is those who are very dedicated, regardless of the level when they begin, are the ones who will make it.

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You’ve been involved with Jiu-Jitsu since 1992. How much has Jiu-Jitsu changed since then? What is your opinion on the current state of Jiu-Jitsu regarding self-defense, competitions, and mixed-martial arts?

Carlos Portuguese Vieira

Concerning the changes to BJJ, I have visited many sites and videos on big events and we see many new athletes and many new moves/games. To me, the big change is 50/50.

In my opinion, people are turning more and more to BJJ to use as self defense as it is proven to be effective. Also, top athletes involved in MMA are turning to BJJ to better their floor techniques.

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Who has influenced you the most in your Jiu-Jitsu experience?

Carlos Portuguese Vieira

When I began BJJ in Sao Lourence, everyone was white belt and we didn’t have much access to BJJ competitions on the internet or matches on television. So I dis-involved my own game until purple through brown belt. However, one person who I admire and was influenced by in BJJ is an athlete who went through great difficulties and thanks to the BJJ community and God, also who helped him come back, is Fernando Terere.

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Tell us about your current school in Australia. What is next for you?

Carlos Portuguese Vieira

In February, I will complete two years being here in Australia, Melbourne. I am very happy with my work that is developing here together with the help of Gustavo Campos, black belt and Ross Dallow, brown belt and professional MMA athlete representing Cia Paulista Australia.

We are located in 3 different academies around Melbourne. Together we have approximately 120 students. We are located at In2combat, Kaizen and Invictus, these three academies also offer the public other martial arts.

I am also organising for another black belt to come down to Australia before the end of this year to support and help out the team.

My plans are for 2011 return to the big CBJJ events together with my students. I also intend to organise an exchange program with my students in Brasil together with the headquarters of Cia Paulista in Sao Paulo and my masters.

Australia is now my home. I am here to build a new team of champions. In January 2011, I am going to compete in the Sydney qualifiers for the ADCC to represent Australia but with Brazilian blood running through my veins. I have been married for 2 years, bought a house, and now have a small 4 month old champion. Everything is going well and my plan is to continue to grow my family here.

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Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Carlos Portuguese Vieira

I want to thank the academies where we train and who help us develop the Cia Paulista team. I want to especially thank Shehan Wijayasinghe who is the Cia Paulista Australia Manager, without all his help, efforts and hard work, the team wouldn’t be what it is today and what it is to become in the future.¬† Following is their addresses for all of those who would like to join us. I also want to thank all my students for their support and all their hard training. I also want to thank Inside BJJ and to congratulate you on such a great site.

– In2Fitness Academy

Address: 6 – 8 Leonard Ave, Noble Park


– Invictus Academy

Address: 2c Assembly Drive, Tullamarine


– Kaizen Academy

Address: 42 William Street, Balaclava

Kaizen Gym

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