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Stay tuned for live Strikeforce event interviews and results from San Jose, CA.

== Live Results ==

Jess Bouscal defeats Luis Mendoza via Arm Triangle

Josh McDonals defeats Ron Keslar via unanimous

James Terry defeats vs David Marshall via unanimous

Tyron Woodley vs Andre Galvao

Round 1

Fighters touch. Galvao misses with looping left almost falls but recovers. Fighters feeling each other out. Galvao shoots but is stuffed and eats some punches from Woodley. Galvao throws looping right grazes Woodley. Galvao shoots agin and is stuffed and gets rocked by Woodley. Galvao is up and wobbling and shoots half-heartedly. Woodley pounces. Referee Josh Rosenthal stops the fight at 1:48 seconds Round 1.

Tyron Woodley defeats Andre Galvao via Referee Stoppage due to strikes at 1:48 seconds of Round 1.

Sarah Kaufman vs Marloes Coenen

Round 1

Coenen comes out and takes center ring. Kaufman circles. Coenen throw uppercut and misses follows with left leg kick. Kaufman throws right and Coenen follows with left cross and uppercut combo. Coenen goes back to the leg. Fights circle and feel each other out. Crowd starts to get restless. Coenen finds a home for the leg kick again on Kaufman. Fighters clinch against the cage. Kaufman is working the underhooks. Coenen misses with a sharp elbow. Kaufman spins Coenen around and works for the underhooks. Referee separates fighters.  Coenen takes center ring again. Coenen throws huge right spns around and ends up clinched agains the fence again with Kaufman. Crowd boos. Coenen can’t work off of cage. Referee breaks fighters again. Both fighters throw combos but neither commits. Good exchange at the end of round.

Inside BJJ scores round 10-9 Coenen

Round 2

Coenen takes center again and lands right cross. Kaufman starts to get more active and throws a combo. Coenen clinches. Both fighters clinched against the cage again. Crowd boos. Coenen attempts knees. Referee breaks fighters. Coenen seems be throwing the harder combos at this point.  Coenen throws a body kick but it’s caught and deflected by Kaufman. Both fighters struggle in the clinch and negate each other’s attacks. Referee breaks fighters again. Kaufman gets more aggressive with left jab but can’t find a home for it. Neither fighter has landed a solid shot at this point.  Coenen hip throws Kaufman but is reversed. Kaufman throws some hard ground and pound. Coenen spins for the armbar and it’s deep. Kaufman lifts Coenen and Coenen lets go. Round ends.

Inside BJJ scores round 10-9 Coenen

Round 3

Coenen takes center of ring again. Coenen gets a nice single leg but it’s reversed. Kaufman on top in Coenen’s guard. Conen works a high guard and attempts triangle. Kaufman plays defensive and protects her arms at this point. Coenen opens guard and Kaufmann reigns ground and pound. Coenen spins for armlock and it’s tight. Kaufman tries to lift her elbow out with no success and taps.

Marloes Coenen defeats Sarah Kaufman via armbar at 1:59 seconds of Round 3

Josh Thomson vs JZ Cavalcante

Round 1

Fighters take center of ring. Cavalcante stalks Thomson. Thomson throws high leg kick with his left but misses. Cavalcante follows up with leg kick and presses Thomson to the cage. Thomson winces and grabs his face indicating he’s been headbutted. Referee McCarthy ignores Thomson. Cavalcante misses with big left. Thomson throws leg kick of his own and connects on inner thigh. Thomson misses left leg kick. Cavalcante lands  a shot and fighters end up in a scramble. Cavalcante jumps into guillotin and squeeses hard. Thomson defends well and keeps his blood flow going. Thomson starts to strike  and Cavalcante lets go of the guillotine. Thomson starts the ground and pound. Thomson is working to press Cavalcante to the cage. Cavalcante keeps a defensive guard and tries to hold thomson down. Cavalcanteshoots for triangle but Thomson defends. thomson ends up on top in half guard and gets a head and arm. Cavalcante is holding on until the end f the round. The round ends and Thomson is forced to let go.

Inside BJJ scores round 10-9 Thomson

Round 2

Thomson is bouncing and full of energy at the start. Cavalcante looks a bit slower but keeps stalking Thomson. Cavalcante throws a combo and presses Thomson against the fence. Cavalcante is working for the takedown and Thomson is working for the underhooks. Thomson reverses the position. Thomson throws knees to Cavalcante’s thighs. Cavalcante works for a hip throw and almost takes Thomson’s back. Thomson again reverses the position and presses Cavalcante against the cage. Both fighters throw kness to the midsection. Thlomson scores an inside trip and ends up with Cavalcante in a half-nelson. Thomson abaondons the nelson and works for the hoooks. Cavalcante defends and Thomson has one hook in. Thomson looks to be working for a heard and arm. Thomson continues to work for the hooks. Cavalcante defends well and Thomson can only get one hook in. Cavalcante spins to half, Thomson momentarily gets arm-triangle but Cavalcante pulls out and Thomson transitions to side. Cavalcante restores half and Thomson works for Von Flue choke. Cavalcante escapes his hips and Thomson throws a couple of shots from the top before the round ends.

Inside BJJ scores round 10-9 for Thomson

Cavalcante continues to stalk Thomson. Cavalcante throws a knee and ends up clinched against the cage by Thomson. Thomson works for underhooks. Thomson works for the inside trip and Cavalcante escapes by grabbing the cage. Thomson misses a hip throw and Cavalcante ends up on top mounted position.  Thomson holds Cavalcante’s head down. Cavalcante works the grapevines to control Thomson. Thomson hip escapes and gets half guard. Cavalcante tries to establish the cross face but ends up in butterfly hooks. Thomson momentarily gets rubber guard hook and waves to crowd. Both fighters pop p to feet in a scramble and exchange. Cavalcante lands a big shot on Thomson as Thomson goes for a takedown and ends up in Thomson’s guard.  Cavalcante presses Thomson against the cage. McCarthy warns both fighters to work.  Thomson works for a guillotine. Cavalcante pops his head out.  Cavalcante continues to press Thomson agains the cage  . Thomson tries to walk his hips up to open a submission but nothing develops.

Inside BJJ scores round 10-9 Cavalcante

Josh Thomson defeats JZ Cavalcante via unanimous decision

Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons

Round 1

Diaz takes center of ring throws a leg kick. Diaz hangs his left hand out and paw. Noon misses a big left. Nick slaps at Noons and the smack begins. Nick throws another slap. Noons is tentative. Noons throws a left and lands. Nock continues to talk =. Nick lands some shots. Nick continues to talk and keeps his hands down. Nick lands a big blow and takes Noons down. Nick has Noons in side control. Nick has a tight cross face and works the shoulder strikes. Nick works the knee in and Noon tries to escape. Nick wraps Noons up but Noons stands up. The smack talking begins. Nick is super calm. Nick continues to paw. Noons throws a big bomb but misses. Noons is still unsure how to deal with Diaz. Diaz puts his hands up and invites Noons in. Noons throws some uppercut shots but misses. Diaz starts to jab. Noons lands a nice left jab. Both fighters exchange. Diaz appears to get the better of Noons. Diaz mocks Noons and lands a nice left and right combo. Noons plays peek a boo and talks more smack.

Inside BJJ scores round 10-9 Diaz

Round 2

Noons takes center. Noons almost appears to take Diaz’s style and hangs his hand out. Noons catches Diaz with a left and Diaz looks cut. Diaz mad dosgs Noon. and they exchange. . Noons is landing big counter shots now. Diaz still tries to peper shots and Noons is throwing harder leather. Diaz throws a body kick. Noons throws a wild right and misses.  Noons tries a knee. Diaz lands an inside leg kick. Noons is landing good body shots on the counters. Noons catches Diaz again.  Diaz throws some jabs and catches Noons. Diaz starts to throw kicks. Noons is staling Diaz. Noons lands a body shot with his knee. Noons lands a small head kick at the end of the buzzer.

Inside BJJ scores round 10-9 for Noons

Round 3

Noons stalks Diaz form the beginning. Diaz shoots for ankle pick but misses. Diaz lands a nice left jab. Noons is landing better counter punches at this point. Diaz lands a couple of nice short crosses. The crowd gets into it.  Noons is playing nick’s style now and does the peek a boo. Diaz hangs his chin out luring Noons in. Diaz smiles at Noons.  Noons misses big uppercut. Diaz counters with a right. Diaz lands a small knee from the clinch but the fighters separate. Diaz starts to put heat on Noons and backs him up briefly.

Inside  BJJ scores round 10-9 for Diaz

Round 4

Diaz misses a spinning back kick followed by an axe kick. Noons looks slower  this round. Diaz continues to throw punches but Noons counter shots look a little off pace. Noons lands a nice right cross. Noons lip is swollen. Nick lands a nice shot to the head. Nick continues with the pepper shots. Fighters exchange Noons lands a nice left. Fighters exchange stiff jabs. Diaz keeps his hands in Noons face. Both fighters rest a second like boxers and realize what they’re doing a separate. Noons starts to land a left and a knee. Diaz counters with his own knee and follows with a right. Diaz lands a nice left cross. Noons wobbles for second. Diaz throws a lazy spinning back kick the crowd erupts in laughter.

Inside BJJ scores round 10-9 for Diaz

Round 5

Diaz opens with some kicks but misses. Diaz attempts a shot but Noons slips away. Fighters clinch and Diaz throws some weak right pepper shots that the crowd likes. Diaz works for another takedown but Noons escapes the clinch.  So far the round is uneventful. Diaz presses Noons to the cage and lands a knee. Final 20 seconds. Both fighters appear tired and neither fighter will engage. Noons invites Diaz to exchange in the final 10 seconds but neither fighter lands anything big.

Inside BJJ Scores round 10-9 for Diaz

Nick Diaz defeats KJ Noons by unanimous decision

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