Silva’s Great Comeback

The talk was so non-stop and over the top, some starting believing even Chael Sonnen had to know his guarantees couldn’t be executed. He spoke about bringing the fight to Anderson Silva, taking him Silva for 25 minutes and pounding a hole in his head. Ridiculous, right? Wrong, Sonnen did exactly what he said he would do but he only did it for 22. Leading 4-0, Sonnen relaxed for a few seconds in Silva’s guard and got caught by a big right. That stopped Sonnen long enough to allow Silva to throw his legs up and lock on a triangle choke. Sonnen couldn’t hold out, he tapped and Silva retained his UFC middleweight title with a miracle comeback at 3:10 of the fifth round in the main event at UFC 117 in Oakland.

Read the full article from Yahoo Sports.

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