Caio Terra needs your help!

From Caio Terra’s Facebook.

Terra PLEASE HELP ME!!! Please help me understanding the reason I lost the finals of the worlds this year.

Go to: Budo Videos Online Worlds Championship

1- Would you give him an advantage at 9:50 for guard passing? Cause I didnt see him on my side.
2- HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ME NOT GETTING 2 POINTS FROM HIM RUNNING OUT OF THE MAT (13:10)??????? Even the guy making the comments got confused.
Remember! Run out of the mats is 2 points, unless you are running from a submission, in that case you would be disqualified.
3- Who was really stalling on this match?
4- When he ran out of the mat, the time wasnt over, there was still 4 seconds left, if the ref stopped the time I could still get my hooks in or take him down (to get at least an advantage), since it would start with me on his back.

What is your taken on this?

2 Responses to “Caio Terra needs your help!”

  1. Joe says:

    When I saw it live, I thought Caio! I saw a reversal, he took his back and it looked like he was also running out of bounds in the last few seconds. Isn’t that stalling?

  2. Bjjaz says:

    Honestly, Caio Terra is my favorite BJJ guy in the entire world.

    With that said I tried to be unbiased but…

    He is 100% right.

    Bruno stalled, didn’t get an advantage, and literraly ran for the sidelines, as I was there in person. Caio got screwed, not only at the Pan Ams, but big time at the Worlds. If any other person literally ran for the sidelines like that it would be an easy two points.


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