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I’ve been training Jiu jitsu for 3 years now. Im in the military and I travel ALOT. Basicly no matter where I go, I try and find the JiuJitsu guys so i can buddy up and train. Unfortunately I am STILL a white belt… I know I know… THREE YEAR WHITE BELT??? Well like I said I move alot being in the military… change of assignments, deployments..ect… I’ve never sat in one place long enough to get belted. (Or never paid enough… One instructor said he would belt me for a Belt test fee of $300!!!)

The reason I say this is I figure, one day I will get belted (I assume once I settle down in one place for a while) But what I learned was, is that regardless of how long you train, there is always something to learn. One advantage I have to moving so often and training with so many different people, is that I get alot of different perspectives and opions from people. I must have learn 5 different ways to set up the most basic of armbars from Guard. This experience has given me a very wide vocabulary in terms of technique and theory.

I just wanted to encourage people to always seek out knowledge. I notice alot of times that some students are with a school for a while and they are “set” in thier ways… Because that is the way thier school always do it. Dont hold yourself down to only one path… ask questions, seek advice, offer your own and stay open minded. I will continue to find those jiujitsu guys no matter where I am, still asking questions, still working on my weaknesses… regardless of what the color around my waist is.

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